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Surfing the Roads with Magicycle

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Magicycle All-Terrain Fat Tire Ebike


  • 750 Watt Sengyi Motor
  • 52 Volt Battery, 20 Ah
  • Fast 3-5 Hour Charging


  • 180mm Disc Brakes
  • Brake Lever Motor Kill 
  • 26″X4″ Fat Tires


  • 7-Level Pedal Assist
  • Full-Color LCD Display
  • USB Port — Charging

Our Story

After years of innovative design experience in electric vehicles and electric bikes, Magicycle is blazing a new trail for e-bike riders!

Not willing to be just another rebranded ebike, the Magicycle company was carefully formed and developed, bringing together a talented team to design and manufacture a new ebike that is now setting the pace throughout the industry.

The 107,000 sq.ft. Magicycle factory boasts the best manufacturing technology in the world, and is producing ebikes that you are proud to own and thrilled to ride. Magicycle is excited to be one of the very few e-bike brands that owns and operates its factory.

Safety First

Rider safety and e-bike reliability are our priorities. Now you can ride with confidence on a powerful 750 watt (nominal, 1100 watt peak) e-bike with aluminum frame and top-quality 26″ fat tires. Sleek and beautiful, safe and powerful, the Magicycle is available in your choice of conventional styling or convenient step-thru frames.

If you have questions, we’d love to hear from you. We promise you will always receive a timely personal reply! 

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