Charging Your E-bike Battery

A great e-bike deserves a first-rate battery. Give your battery the longest possible lifespan by following these best charging practices.

52 Volt Battery

Are You in the Dark about Nighttime Rides?

Whether nighttime riding is a necessity for you, or just for fun, you want to do it safely. Here are a few tips to help.

Nighttime Ride


You’re Getting a New Electric Bike!

The decision is made…a new e-bike is definitely in your near future…but which one? That’s definitely an important decision, so read on to make sure your purchase isn’t a mistake.

Magicycle View




Choices…Choices…Fat Tire Cruiser or Commuter?

What’s the best choice for me? Get the facts here for making a wise decision.

  Fat Tire Cruiser or Copmmuter




fat tire cruiserCommuter bike tire










                                           Fat Tire                                                                             Commuter Tire


The Disadvantages of E-bikes

If you’re shopping e-bikes for the first time, learn about the disadvantages that may affect you.

Advantages vs Disadvantages