Frame Options

Magicycle provides two durable aluminum frame styles. With either option, you’ll never have to be concerned about rust or longevity!


Is your new Magicycle secure?

Your beautiful Magicycle is an investment in health, recreation, and economy. Of course you want to keep it as safe as possible! Read more about securing your e-bike.


For the best exercise . . . MAGICYCLE

Maybe you’ve been thinking about an e-bike, but you’re concerned about getting more exercise. No worries! Magicyle is a great choice for adding better exercise and health to your life! Read more about this important factor for healthy living.




Budget Help


What do you spend on transportation?  The average American has expenses of more than $15,000 annually just for commuting to work, routine driving, and perhaps an occasional leisure trip. When you add a Magicyle to your life, you can give yourself a very nice discount on the cost of getting from Point A to Point B.



Which Magicycle style is Best for You?

As a prospective Magicycle owner, you’re in luck–there are no bad choices! But there is a choice to make…do you need to own a step-over ebike or the step-through model. It could be a simple matter of styling preference. However, there are a few important factors to consider.

Here’s help choosing

YOUR Magicycle!


Rugged, Reliable, Resilient



MOTORS: Hub versus Mid-Drive

Why a 750 watt Hub Motor is Best

The search for a great e-bike may leave you confused about what type of motor will work best…hub or mid-drive.

Read more to discover why the 750 watt hub is our motor of choice!


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