Winter is Coming…It’s Time to Prepare for the Cold Weather

We hate to admit it, but cold weather is just around the corner for many e-bikers. Get ready now!



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Types of Brakes for Stopping Power on Your E-bike

Even the best, most expensive, and highest rated motor is useless unless you can reliably stop your e-bike safely. Here’s a rundown on types of brakes for e-bikes.


MAGiCYCLE Expands Its Line of Quality E-bikes for 2022

In this case, you can’t have too much of a good thing! See the complete lineup of gorgeous e-bikes.


Four Easy Steps to a Chainring Upgrade for Your E-bike

Enjoy this simple change that will definitely improve our riding experience. Just about anyone can accomplish this easy upgrade.

How to Handle Steep Hills on Your E-bike

Whether you’re a flatlander or live in hill country, here’s a few tips that will be useful…read on.


Magicycle at Lake


Why Magicycle is Your Best Choice for E-biking

You know you want an e-bike, but there are so many choices. Why should MAGiCYCLE be at the top of your list? Here’s help.