The Economical High-Quality E-bike for You

You’re looking to purchase an e-bike? That’s not surprising! In fact, you are one of a very fast-growing segment of the population. Interest in e-biking is growing by leaps and bounds, for reasons varying from economy and health to the “cool factor.” 

The rapidly increasing e-bike popularity has resulted in booming world-wide sales, and naturally that has attracted a lot of entrepreneurs seeking financial gain by selling e-bikes. That means far more e-bike brands are available than anyone could have predicted just a few years ago. This proliferation of e-bike brands provides shoppers with many choices. The purchase of an e-bike is a significant investment for most people, and caution is definitely called for if you want to avoid “buyer’s remorse.” 

You are already at least marginally aware of the MAGiCYCLE brand, or you wouldn’t be reading this article, right? Since you’ve come this far, let’s examine why MAGiCYCLE is the right choice for you.

Quality is King

Quality should be every e-bike shopper’s primary concern. It comes ahead of power, features, attractiveness, and price. Why must quality be at the top of the list? It’s very simple — your safety when riding is dependent on the quality of design and manufacturing. Further, your comfort and enjoyment is greatly enhanced by quality. And most certainly, unless you select an e-bike brand that emphasizes quality, you will be forced to deal with endless repairs, lots of frustration, and reduced life expectancy of your e-bike.

MAGiCYCLE Quality Control

You may have assumed that every e-bike company has at least decent quality control. Unfortunately, that is not the case. The truth is, most e-bikes do not even own the factory that manufactures the e-bikes they sell. These companies are taking the quick and easy route, selling e-bikes made by a factory that supplies several companies. All these companies are selling the same e-bike, but with a different brand name and perhaps a different color selection.

How can a company provide good quality control if it doesn’t even own the factory? The answer is simple…it can’t! Magicycle is proud to be one of very few e-bike companies that do own the factory. In fact, the MAGiCYCLE factory has been producing quality e-bikes for more than 16 years. Building high-quality e-bikes does not happen easily or casually. It requires a huge amount of extra effort. 

The MAGiCYCLE Factory

Every Magicycle begins with the award-winning Magicycle Design Team. This is the same design team that originated the exceptional frame design that makes MAGiCYCLE e-bikes both visually appealing and reliably strong.

You will never find any cheap steel in a Magicycle frame. Magicycle has chosen to use 6061 aluminum alloy. This top quality alloy provides exceptional strength, corrosion resistance, light weight, durability, and a defect-free highly pleasing appearance. All this is made possible by employing technology borrowed from the aviation industry.


The Magicycle factory uses experts in hydroforming and cataphracted weld joints…regarded as the best welding technique in the world.. This means that Magicycle customers receive a high-tech frame that is strong, safe, and beautiful for unequaled riding stability and comfort.

To summarize, Magicycle has exemplary quality control over the entire bike-building process, from design to manufacture to shipping. When a Magicycle is delivered to a new owner, the box contains an e-bike that will last a very long time, giving reliable service and a safe riding experience. Quality matters — don’t buy your e-bike from a brand that does not own the factory.


High on everyone’s list of desirable e-bike features is power. When you think about quick starts, cruising speed, and hill-climbing ability — all these are dependent on power. You want an e-bike equipped with a strong motor, providing plenty of power.

Because they control every aspect of design and manufacturing, Magicycle gets to very carefully select all the components, including the motor. Only well-known brand names are invited to supply motors, batteries, LCD displays, brakes, etc. For example, an unusually powerful 52 volt battery comes on every Magicycle. Consequently, a great brand-name battery is a big factor in the confidence Magicycle owners have in their e-bike.

Quality Control plus Brand Name Components

Of course, the motor MAGiCYCLE selects to put on their e-bikes is both reliable and high-powered. Again, Magicycle selects a name brand manufacturer with a reputation for quality motors, Shengyi Motor Company, Ltd. This company makes long-lasting powerful motors with CE, ISO9000, ROHS and 3C certification. In fact, the Magicycle motor from Shengyi yields more torque than any other e-bike brand competing with Magicycle. That’s why Magicycle riders get faster starts for added safety in city traffic conditions. That’s also why the Magicycle has such amazing hill-climbing strength.

The Importance of Torque

All this MAGiCYCLE motor power is meticulously engineered to produce industry-leading torque — 96.8 Neuton meters!

Neuton meters (Nm) is a standard measurement of torque. This scientific technique for measurement was invented by Isaac Newton, and is still very much the standard for measuring torque today. And MAGiCYCLE provides the highest torque of any fat tire e-bike in its price range. Without getting overly technical, why do e-bikers care about torque?

It’s actually fairly simple — torque is important because of its relationship to power. You can think of torque as the power available for turning the rear wheel on your e-bike. The torque can be provided by a motor or by the pedaling of a bike rider. The harder the rider pedals, the more torque is applied for turning the rear wheel.

MAGiCYCLE Installs LG Brand Batteries

In the same manner, the more powerful the battery, and the better the motor design, the more torque is available for turning the rear wheel and propelling the e-bike forward. MAGiCYCLE is proud to provide a high-powered 52 volt battery, well ahead of the competition.

A motor with 86 Nm of torque gives your e-bike quicker starts for crossing busy intersections and more powerful hill-climbing ability than a lesser motor with say…80 Nm or 68 Nm. Magicycle is absolutely the leader in available torque, giving you more power than any competitively priced e-bike! 

MAGiCYCLE Pricing Plan

At the heart of MAGiCYCLE’s appreciation for its fans is a strong determination to keep e-bike pricing within reach of ordinary people. It’s not easy to maintain high quality and economical pricing at the same time, but MAGiCYCLE does exactly that. Also, be aware that no other brand provides the quality and power of a MAGiCYCLE at prices that match the MAGiCYCLE pricing.

Important Magicycle Advantages

  • More powerful battery than any competitively priced e-bike.
  • Reliable, well-known name brand components.
  • Full color, customizable display.
  • Higher torque motor than any brand in the price range.
  • Comes fully equipped and 95% assembled.
  • Fast 3-5 hour battery recharge.
  • Strong, stylish and no-rust frame.
  • Superior customer service and a 2-year warranty.
  • Magicycle pays for itself in much lower cost of transportation.
  • Your perks are the fun of biking, plus improved health!

Choose the MAGiCYCLE style that is best for you. It might be a step-thru, step-over, 20″ tires, 26″ tires, a commuter bike, or perhaps a folding bike. Whatever style you need, MAGiCYCLE has it with high quality at an unbeatable price. See all the MAGiCYCLE’s here.