Which E-bike is the Best Choice for Seniors?

The current craze in the e-bike market seems to have no end. Growth in sales continues to be very strong, and it looks like 2023 will continue the trend. The spread of interest in e-biking, even EMTBs,  is certainly not limited to young adults. In fact, it seems to be just the opposite. Seniors are riding various styles of e-bikes, including the electric mountain bikes.

Three surveys, including one from the National Institute of Transportation, are very enlightening. The surveys reveal that the vast majority of e-bike owners are over the age of 55, and a hefty 48% are over the age of 64. With so many seniors developing an interest in e-bikes, it’s very important that e-bike companies produce products that are high quality, safe, and reliable. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Building E-bikes with Quality

Finding the best e-bike choice for seniors begins with choosing a brand that maintains high standards and excellent quality control. One of the important keys in the search for quality is asking one vital question: Does this e-bike brand own the factory that manufactures the product it sells?

If the answer is “no,” then walk away and  keep on looking. Be sure to put your trust in a brand like MAGiCYCLE that owns its factory. The MAGiCYCLE factory has built quality e-bikes for the past 16 years, gaining valuable experience and expertise over the years. Every aspect of producing an e-bike is controlled by MAGiCYCLE — all the way from design to production, components, and shipping. That’s exactly what is needed to maintain a high level of quality control. It’s just a bad idea to put your trust in a brand that does not own a factory.

Building Safe E-bikes means Quality Components

Because they control every aspect of design and manufacturing, Magicycle gets to very carefully select the components. Only well-known brand names such as LG and Kenda are invited to supply motors, batteries, LCD displays, brakes, etc. For example, an unusually powerful 52 volt battery comes on every Magicycle. Only high-quality components go onto a Magicycle! That’s a big factor in the confidence Magicycle owners have in their e-bike.

Of course, the motor is a major component on any e-bike. Again, Magicycle selects a name brand manufacturer with a reputation for quality motors…long-lasting powerful motors with CE, ISO9000, ROHS and 3C certification. In fact, the Magicycle motor yields more torque than any other e-bike brand competing with Magicycle. That’s why Magicycle riders get faster starts for added safety in city traffic conditions. That’s also why the Magicycle Cruiser has such amazing hill-climbing strength.

MAGiCYCLE Offers a Variety of E-bike Models

We know seniors are best-advised to stick with brands that own a factory, but what about all the various models. MAGiCYCLE provides e-bike shoppers with a wide selection of styles. The MAGiCYCLE line offers the original full-size 26″ Fat Tire All Terrain Cruisers in step-over and mid-step models. Or you could choose the upgraded Cruiser Pro, which has all the popular features of the original Cruiser, plus major improvements. Cruiser Pro owners enjoy the more powerful battery, long-life 1100 peak watt motor, and the added safety of the hydraulic brakes.

For those who are more comfortable on a smaller e-bike, the Ocelot Pro is another great fat tire cruiser, but sized for riders ranging from 4’10” to 6’2″. The Ocelot Pro has an industry-leading wide range of seat height adjustment, allowing even shorter riders to place both feet on the ground while remaining seated. This provides seniors with a very comfortable feeling of balance and security.

The fat tires provide all the MAGiCYCLE cruisers with very nice stability and bump-absorbing capability. They also allow seniors to enjoy off-road riding in a wide variety of terrains. Visit a sandy beach, forest pathway or mountain trail and the rugged fat tires will keep you moving.

If storage space or easy transportation is a concern, then consider the MAGiCYCLE Jaguarundi Folding Bike. The small footprint of the Jaguarundi lets you store it under a desk or transport it in the back seat of your car. And if you are a pavement-only rider, you can also consider the MAGiCYCLE Lightweight Commuter. It is very easy to ride and is built to the same high standards as the fat tire cruisers.

Pick of the Litter for Seniors

Let’s go back now to the original question — “Which e-bike is the best choice for seniors?” Every MAGiCYCLE model is a strong contender, but there are good reason why the Ocelot Pro is likely the best choice. The ease of mounting with its close-to-the-ground convenient step-thru styling make it very appealing to any senior — even more so to those dealing with arthritis and other challenging physical conditions. Adding to that the low seat height option and 20″ fat tire stability makes the Ocelot a very suitable choice for seniors.

MAGiCYCLE Ocelot Cruiser
Why Seniors are Loving E-bike Riding

With e-bike sales growing by leaps and bounds every year, one might wonder why seniors form such a large percentage of e-bike riders. Of course, there is one very obvious reason — biking is a lot of fun! From the time we were small children with training wheels on our bikes, we quickly learned that bike riding is fun. Many of us continued to ride as teenagers and on into adulthood. But then the demands of adult life began to take their toll.

Things like very busy work and family schedules cramped the time available for recreation. On top of that, we discovered that aging is not for sissies! Energy levels begin to drop, injuries experienced long ago produce discomfort, and age-related conditions such as arthritis begin to slow us down. Biking up a steep hill suddenly seems like it is just too much effort.

E-bikes Get You Back into Biking

E-bikes allow seniors to deal with the affects of aging. Even if you have not been on a bike in many years, bike-riding seems to be one of those things that you never forget how to do. You can quickly find your balance on an e-bike, and the advantage of a powerful motor allows you to navigate those steep hills that once seemed too difficult. Adults are no continuing to ride their e-bikes well beyond te age of 70, and some are riding even into the mid-eighties and beyond.

Here are a few of the key motivation that keep senior adults riding:

  1. Exercise is key to health and happiness. Your Magicycle gives you a way to begin at a perfectly comfortable level of exercise that’s just right for you. It’s important to exercise prudently, and Magicycle makes it very easy to gradually increase your level of fitness. This is true for everyone, even those dealing with injury, arthritis, deteriorating joints, and other restricting factors. 
  2. Too many seniors experience injuries from loss of balance and falling, and that’s while walking and standing–not necessarily while working or exercising. E-biking can improve both leg strength and your sense of balance, as documented here.
  3. E-biking can help avoid Type-2 Diabetes. Studies show that seniors who get 30 minutes or more of cycling exercise daily can lower their risk of developing Type-2 Diabetes by up to 40%. This is very important, as Type-2 Diabetes is extremely common and dangerous, as well as inconvenient.
  4. Economical transportation is an important aspect of e-biking. Many seniors are on a fixed income, and you can get around town on your Magicycle for a very small fraction of what it costs to drive a car. Remember, it only takes less than a nickel’s worth of electricity to fully charge an e-bike battery.
  5. Live longer with e-biking! With a Magicycle, regular exercise is easy, and that promotes better mitochondrial maintenance. Healthy mitochondria are key to a longer life. The consistent exercise also strengthens muscles throughout your body. Not only the large calorie-burning muscles like your glutes and quadriceps, but also all those many small muscles that play a supporting role around your knees, elbows, ankles, neck, etc.
  6. E-biking gets you outdoors! The health experts remind us that fresh air and sunshine are amazingly good for us:
  •  When the sunlight hits your skin, Vitamin D production begins immediately, and your body will appreciate it!
  • Sunlight improves recovery time. Healing comes more quickly and sunlight also helps reduce pain.
  • Fresh air and sunshine are good for your brain! They increase brain activity, which is great for anyone, and especially seniors.
  • People who increase their time spent outdoors tend to be significantly more physically active.
  • Fresh air and sunshine improve your mood and give you a sense of well-being. 
  • You eat better and sleep better. With more time outdoors, the brain produces more serotonin, which aids appetite management and sleep. You simply feel better, and your friends and family enjoy your company more because the exercise also improves your mood.

As we age, it becomes more important than ever to stay fit, active, and get some time outdoors. This makes your Magicycle an extremely valuable investment. You can select your favorite here, and please be sure to always ride safely.