Have You Met the New MAGiCYCLE Long-Range Ocelot Pro?

Or maybe wondered what a wild ocelot looks like? Get a good look and all the details…go here.


Fat Tire E-bikes are Here To Stay

There are exciting reasons the fat tire bike has become amazingly popular. Read all about it here.



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Getting Started with Your New MAGiCYCLE

Your brand new e-bike has arrived! The wait has ended…you’re assembling the MAGiCYCLE…and eagerly awaiting your first ride. Here are some tips to help you get started successfully and safely.

Box with Flaps Open


Unpacking E-bike Classes and Magicycle Class Flexibility

There are four classes of e-bikes with pedals. CLICK HERE to learn more about the rules and regulations.


Understanding MAGiCYCLE’s Cadence Sensor and Pedal Assist

All MAGiCYCLE models come with exceptional power and range. Here’s how the Cadence Sensor works with the Pedal Assist System to make your ride more enjoyable.  Read more here.

Magicycle PAS


NEW Long-Range Cruisers from MAGiCYCLE

Cruising power, convenience, and comfort are better than ever with these new designs. These are definitely worth a look!

Magicycle Ocelot Pro