Are You Wearing Head Protection?

In regard to head injuries, bicycle riding is the  most dangerous sport in the world! Ride free…ride fun…enjoy your Magicycle — and click here to read moreabout why you should always wear a bike helmet.

Always wear a helmet


Taking Care of Your E-bike Investment

There’s no question — if you ride an e-bike, you’ve made a significant investment. Here’s how to protect that investment.

Front Rack Installed


Soaring Gas Prices bring Booming E-bike Sales

How much would you pay to skip the gas pump? Here’s the facts that make e-bikes especially appealing!

Economical Transportation

Front Rack Installation…Strong and Good-Lookin’

Read all about the easy steps to add this rack to your ride! If you have a rear rack bag, you’ll especially love this front rack custom-made for Magicycle.

Front Rack for Magicycle


Magicycle’s Super-Fast Battery Charger

You’ll love the exceptional speed, reliability, and safety of your Magicycle charger — here’s the details!

Battery Charger with Step-thru

E-bike Displays — Color vs Grayscale

Color is the better choice by far…read more to learn why.


52V is a Magicycle Advantage!

Magicycle owners enjoy the most powerful battery available among any competitively priced e-bikes! This is a very important advantage…read more here

Magicycle Battery