Can a Fat Tire Cruiser Out-Perform a Commuter E-bike?

It might even seem unfair to compare a cruiser to a commuter, but in this case it is a valid comparison. Why? Because the Magicycle Cruiser is a very flexible multi-purpose e-bike, equally at home on the beach, forest trails, or commuting the city streets. That’s a very user-friendly approach to e-bike design, and of course, a narrow-tire commuter such as the Aventon Level is not a good choice for trail or beach.  
Midnight Blue smallAventon Level vs Magicycle  






                MAGICYCLE CRUISER                                                 AVENTON LEVEL

The Level is the newcomer, and looks somewhat similar to the Magicycle, but the differences are very important. Let’s take a closer look at these two e-bikes:

Magicycle - Level Chart














There are distinct differences in every category, and as you can see above, the Magicycle Cruiser comes out on top in 13 out of 15 categories. For anyone considering the purchase of capable, comfortable, reliable e-bike, the statistic make it an easy decision — go with Magicycle and get a better ride at a better price. To top it all off, Magicycle owners know they are not limited to street riding, and can easily and safely venture onto gravel roads, bike trails, sandy beaches, and steep hills.

Magicycle is also a great commuter bike, with the 4″ wide tires giving excellent traction on pavement. The integrated rear rack is perfect for adding the bike bag of your choice to easily carry everything needed at your workplace. Magicycle is a real workhorse with outstanding weight-carrying performance, so you can also add a front rack or front basket for transporting any needed items. And with the famed Magicycle power, you can arrive at the office without ever breaking a sweat!

Importance of Power and Price

Power and price seem to be the items that most concern many e-bike shoppers. With Magicycle, you get a true 750 watts of sustained power, backed up by a 52 volt battery. Riders of the Level must deal with only a 500 watt  motor and a 48 volt battery.


Equally important is the torque delivered by the motor. The difference is huge — 86 Nm for Magicycle and 60 Nm for the Level. This translates to quicker movement and stronger hill climbing ability for the Magicycle Cruiser. Navigating a busy city intersection or safely crossing a rural highway makes you appreciate the fast start provided by the high torque. And, of course, everyone loves never having to be concerned about taking on the steep hills.


Magicycle continues its commitment to providing consumers with a quality e-bike at a more affordable price. For example, Magicycle insists on nothing but well-known name brand components such as Shimano, Tektro, and Shengyi. And the battery is manufactured by the same company that supplies the Tesla batteries. Even so, you can get your Magicycle for $200 less then a Level. You might even say the playing field is not level…Magicycle has the clear advantage. 

Magicycle quality control, exemplary customer service and 2-year warranty allows customers to buy with confidence. The Midnight Blue Magicycle Cruiser is currently available at very special sale pricing. Consider getting yours here while they last. Quality, power, and price make Magicycle the best choice.

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