You’ve done the research, and you know MAGiCYCLE e-bikes are the best bang-for-the-buck. The only fly in the ointment is knee pain. You really want to get back into biking, but wow — those knees are really hurting. Is it reasonable to consider investing in a MAGiCYCLE?

The answer is…probably! In fact, e-bikes can be one of the most beneficial forms of consistent exercise for people suffering from knee pain. As always, be sure to consult your doctor before beginning any new exercise routine. Knee pain can be quite debilitating, and so it is always prudent to be cautious.

E-biking can be Great for Your Knees

Preparation is Key

The amount of preparation needed will vary with your physical condition. Ask yourself questions such as “how long has it been since I did any significant exercise?” What is my level of pain? What is the cause of my knee pain? It could be simple aging, arthritis, disease, predisposition to bone degeneration, accident and injury, etc. In many cases, there is a very good chance that cycling, especially on an  e-bike, can be very beneficial…but take time to prepare.

Always begin with stretching. It takes extra time, but it is worth it to protect your muscles and joints. Set up a daily routine for stretching, and then gradually add some light low-impact exercise to help strengthen your body for e-biking. This could be swimming, or even just walking in water. Perhaps try a stationary bicycle set at a very low resistance. A couple of weeks preparation can make a difference in your first e-biking experience.

Choose the Right E-bike

A huge factor for protecting the knees while e-biking is power control. You need enough power to avoid stressing the knees while riding. This includes circumstances such as steep hills or strong headwind. You’ll want a 750 watt motor to ensure there’s no shortage of power available to keep you pedaling without over-stressing the knees. MAGiCYCLE is the right place to find e-bikes equipped with reliable brand-name motors that let you ride with confidence.

MAGiCYCLE provides you with a long-lasting powerful motor with CE, ISO9000, ROHS and 3C certification. In fact, the Magicycle motor yields more torque than any other e-bike brand competing with Magicycle. Imagine owning a motor that has the same amount of torque as an 800cc motorcycle — truly amazing! That’s why Magicycle riders get faster starts for added safety in city traffic conditions. That’s also why the Magicycle Cruiser has such amazing hill-climbing strength

Riders with questionable knee durability definitely do not want to pedal back home unassisted because of a weak battery. E-bikes are heavy. They have to be heavy to support the stresses of motorized transportation, and they are no fun to pedal unassisted by motor power. Again, MAGiCYCLE goes beyond its competitors and equips your e-bike with a 52 volt 20 amp hour battery. That’s a very significant improvement over other brands in the same price range.

All this extra battery power comes to you from a high-quality brand name manufacturer, LG. You’ll have reliable power to tame the hills, ease the pressure on your knees, and get you back home in good shape.

Now that you have the right e-bike…

You’ve taken the time to prepare your body, you’ve done the research and selected your MAGiCYCLE, your doctor approves, and now you’re ready to get started. Here’s how riding your MAGiCYCLE can be great for your knees.

  • Strengthen the Big Muscles

           Large muscles, particularly the quadriceps, get a great workout from pedaling. Being of large size, they also consume a lot of calories as you pedal. You can count on other large muscles such as the hamstrings and glutes also getting involved. The more these big muscles are strengthened, the more stable you are for riding, walking, step-climbing, etc., and at the same time you lower the risk of falling.

  • Build the Smaller Muscles

           As you continue exercising on your e-bike, you will also improve the strength and mobility of the small supporting muscles around your knees. This helps improve your range of motion and cuts down on the chances of injury.

  • Customize the Exercise

           A very nice advantage of riding a MAGiCYCLE is the opportunity to tailor your exercise intensity to exactly match your needs. If you want a lot of exercise, you can ride at Pedal Assist Level 0 and get no help at all from the motor (not recommended). And it you want no exercise at all, you can ride with no pedaling at all, using only the throttle! 

But what if you want just a little exercise, protecting your knees as you begin to build strength? Magicycle makes it easy! You can choose any one of the 7 levels of pedal assist, and you can customize each of the 7 levels to make them perfect for you.

Seven Levels — Fully Customizable

For example, you might set Level 5 at 50%, meaning that as you pedal the Magicycle, the motor will do 50% of the work. Or you may decide you want a little more exercise, so you select Level 2 and now the motor only does 25% of the work for you. And here’s what’s really nice — if at any moment you decide you’re working a little too hard or getting a little too sweaty, you can just stop pedaling and let the Magicycle do all the work…sweat a lot, sweat a little, or don’t sweat at all!

In other words, whatever your level of fitness, you can customize the MAGiCYCLE pedal assistance to be perfect for you. This is true even if you have additional physical limitations, such as a painful hip. A properly customized PAS often allows riders to get the exercise, sunshine, and fresh air they crave. It’s always prudent to check with your doctor,! He or she may well recommend e-biking as the best exercise when dealing with various joint pain.

As you exercise, your muscles get stronger, which allows them to better support your bones and surrounding tissue, according to the Mayo Clinic. This, in turn, helps ease the stress that’s placed on your knee joint, helping your knees to feel better.

Why MAGiCYCLE is Your Number 1 Choice

  • Superior customer service and a 2-year warranty.
  • Comes fully equipped and 95% assembled.
  • More powerful battery than any competitively priced e-bike.
  • Reliable, well-known name brand components.
  • Full color, customizable display.
  • Higher torque motor than any brand in the price range.
  • Fast 3-5 hour battery recharge.
  • Strong, stylish and no-rust frame.
  • Magicycle pays for itself in much lower cost of transportation.
  • Your perks are the fun of biking, plus improved health!

MAGiCYCLE is one of very few e-bike brands that owns a factory, and that factory has been producing quality e-bikes for more than 16 years. So many e-bike companies do NOT own the factory that  manufactures the e-bikes they sell. That makes complete quality control impossible. MAGiCYCLE has the advantage of maintaining quality control all the way from design to manufacture to shipping. If you are dealing with bad knees, consider MAGiCYCLE for improved health.