Rad Power Bikes claims the RadRover 5 is the best selling e-bike. That may be true, because that e-bike has been around for a long time. But many electric bicycle shoppers value quality over sales numbers. They definitely want the most “bang for the buck.” So let’s take a look at which e-bike gives you the best quality and how that affects the price you will pay.

Magicycle vs RadRover 5


Magic v Rad5     RadRover Five


Designed by the award-winning designer, Wade Wei, the Magicycle has a great advantage over most other e-bikes — quality control! Unlike Rad, Magicycles are built in a factory owned by Magicycle Inc and built specifically for the manufacture of e-bikes. This gives Magicycle complete control over quality all the way from design to production to shipping. 

The 107,000 sq ft factory employs 150 workers and features state-of-the-art technology with an output of 300,000 units annually. Quality control is rigorous, with every Magicycle thoroughly tested for your safety and reliability.

Magicycle Factory 

Magicycle quality is further enhanced by their insistence on well-known and reliable components. For example, Magicycle comes with a widely respected hub motor built by Shengyi, while RadRover 5 has an unknown no-name motor.

Naturally, with top-quality components, Magicycle does not hesitate to provide you with a much better warranty — two years, plus a 15-day trial! On top of all that, with Magicycle you get extra power assist levels, a stronger battery, greater torque, faster shipping, and more!

In fact, when we take a look at the specifications shown below, you will quickly notice that Magicycle is the leader in 13 of the 18 categories!

Magiccle vs Rad 5 Specs

Magicycle is clearly the best choice — but wait a minute — how much more money will I need to get the better e-bike? After all, price is important, too, at least for most of us. So here’s the best news of all…

Even though it comes with better design, better quality, and better components, Magicycle is easier on your budget!  

That’s a very nice surprise, isn’t it? Magicycle is currently priced at $1549, including the generous 2-year warranty and a box full of special gifts such as a bike lock and a theft alarm. The RadRover 5 will cost you $50 more at $1599, even though it just cannot match the Magicycle. 

Take a closer look at Magicycle and get in on this amazing deal.