Every MAGiCYCLE e-bike provides three options for using its exceptional power. The first option is to simply pedal the e-bike, using entirely your own muscle power. This is not a fun option, although it can be very nice to have if your ride is too long and your battery runs out of power. However, e-bikes are heavy, and most riders rarely want to pedal with no assistance from the motor.

The second option is to use the high-quality MAGiCYCLE twist throttle provided on all MAGiCYCLE models except the Gold Commuter. The throttle is conveniently located at the right-side handlebar grip. Just a slight turn of the throttle allows you to add as little or as much assistance that you may prefer. 

Magicycle Twist Throttle

Option number three is the high-tech Pedal Assist feature. This also is provided on all MAGiCYCLE models with the exception of the Gold Commuter. The Gold Commuter is designed for the simplest operation. The Pedal Assist feature on all other MAGiCYCLES works best with a little setup work from the rider. This is not difficult, and most riders can accomplish the setup easily. Just follow the User Manual and the setup will be quick and easy. The Pedal Assist uses information provided by the cadence sensor, and then gives the rider the requested level of assistance.

This is a fairly simple and very effective method of automatic power assistance to make your pedaling as easy as you desire. It consists of a disc that spins as you pedal. Evenly spaced around the disc are 12 magnets. When you begin to pedal, the disc begins to spin. As the disc spins, the attached magnets begin to move past the electronic sensor. With MAGiCYCLE’s generous number of magnets, it is only a split second before a magnet passes the cadence sensor. This immediately notifies the MAGiCYCLE controller that you are pedaling.

Now the controller knows that you are pedaling, but it does not know how fast you want to ride or how hard you want to pedal. That’s where the Pedal Assist System takes over, and does all the “heavy lifting” for you.

Pedal Assist System

The cadence sensor notifies the controller that you are pedaling, and the controller then sends power to help you pedal. How much power? That depends upon the settings you have applied using the Advanced Options on your MAGiCYCLE display. The Pedal Assist System (PAS) on every MAGiCYC:E is fully customizable. Most e-bike brands have a PAS that gives you only 5 levels of pedal assist. Also, the 5 levels are often preset and not customizable. MAGiCYCLE provides 7 levels, and each level can be set to your preferred level of assistance.

That’s the beauty of owning a Magicycle. The level of exercise is completely in your control. If you want a lot of exercise, you can ride at Pedal Assist Level 0 and get no help at all from the motor. And it you want no exercise at all, you can ride with no pedaling at all, using only the throttle! 

But what if you want just a little exercise, and without wearing yourself out? Magicycle makes it easy! You can choose any one of the 7 levels of pedal assist, and you can customize each of the 7 levels to make them perfect for you.

Seven Levels — Fully Customizable

For example, you might set Level 5 at 50%, meaning that as you pedal the Magicycle, the motor will do 50% of the work. Or you may decide you want a little more exercise, so you select Level 2 and now the motor only does 25% of the work for you. And here’s what’s really nice — if at any moment you decide you’re working a little too hard or getting a little too sweaty, you can just stop pedaling and let the Magicycle do all the work…sweat a lot, sweat a little, or don’t sweat at all!

In other words, whatever your level of fitness, you can customize the MAGiCYCLE PAS to be perfect for you. This is true even if you have physical limitations, such as arthritic knees or leg pains. A properly customized PAS often allows riders to get the exercise, sunshine, and fresh air they crave. It’s always prudent to check with your doctor,! He or she may well recommend e-biking as the best exercise when dealing with various joint pain.

As you exercise, your muscles get stronger, which allows them to better support your bones and surrounding tissue, according to the Mayo Clinic. This, in turn, helps ease the stress that’s placed on your knee joint, helping your knees to feel better.

Biking May Aid Joint Problems

The best exercises for many knee problems as those that strengthen the muscles located above the knee. This, of course, includes the quadriceps, long and large muscles on the front of the thigh. It also includes the gluteus muscles located in your buttocks. Cycling is perfect for strengthening these critical muscles. MAGiCYCLE’s cadence sensor and PAS let you accomplish this gradually and easily, at your own pace.

E-biking is a superb activity for people with knee issues because it strengthens the right muscles and does so safely. In fact, the forces of compression that run through your knees while e-biking are much less than those experienced while walking! Additionally, many people find that e-biking is much easier to “stick with” than many other forms of exercise. It’s fun!

Rely on MAGiCYCLE Quality for Performance

The vast majority of riders will use the PAS most of the time…only a few will rely primarily on the throttle. Fewer still will choose to pedal frequently with no assistance. Thus, quality and reliability of the PAS is very important. Fortunately, quality control is a key characteristic of MAGiCYCLE products.

MAGiCYCLE is one of the very few elite e-bike brands that has its own factory. Most e-bike companies DO NOT own the factory that manufactures their e-bikes.

Every Magicycle begins with the award-winning Magicycle Design Team, originators of the amazing frame design that makes their e-bikes both visually appealing and reliably strong.

You will never find any cheap steel in a Magicycle frame. Magicycle has chosen to use 6061 aluminum alloy. This top quality alloy provides exceptional strength, corrosion resistance, light weight, durability, and a defect-free highly pleasing appearance. All this is made possible by employing technology borrowed from the aviation industry.

State-of-the-Art Technology

The Magicycle factory uses experts in hydroforming and cataphracted weld joints…regarded as the best welding technique in the world.. This means that Magicycle customers receive a high-tech frame that is strong, safe, and beautiful for unequaled riding stability and comfort.

Magicycle has exemplary quality control over the entire bike-building process, from design to manufacture to shipping. When a Magicycle is delivered to a new owner, the box contains an e-bike that will last a very long time, giving reliable service and a safe riding experience. Quality matters — don’t settle for an e-bike from a brand that does not own the factory.

Maximize Your Riding Experience

Now that you know more about your cadence sensor and how it works with your controller, you are ready to customize. Schedule some time to experiment with using your display to set the PAS levels. Then take a 30-minute ride and determine whether you need to tweak the settings. Keep experimenting until the levels are perfect for you! As your health and strength improves, you can always change the settings again as needed.

Magicycle PAS