How Fast is the Magicycle Charger?

It’s fast — really fast! If battery charging was an Olympic event, the Magicycle Charger would cross the finish line ahead of the pack! You can expect your battery to be fully charged in no more than 5 hours, and often much less. Why settle for an ordinary charger when Magicycle provides up to 30% faster charging?

Battery charging is an important part of maintaining your ebike battery in great condition. Follow the charging guidelines, and you’ll enjoy great reliability and a long life span, at least 950 recharges. This battery maintenance is just a lot easier when you have a high-powered and very fast charger, and that’s exactly what you get with your Magicycle.

Magicycle Fast Charger

Magicycle is well-known for the high quality of it’s brand name components, and the battery fast-charger is no exception. Magicycle has carefully selected the Modiary company to make its chargers. Modiary is widely respected as a quality manufacturer of lithium battery chargers, focusing on high-efficiency and safety since 2006. Indeed, the Modiary company holds more than 200 certificates and test reports, and is so successful that in 2018 they moved into a new industrial park and doubled their production capacity! You can trust Magicycle to locate outstanding companies to provide their ebike components.

The Magicycle Charger is rated at 54.6 volts and 3 amps, giving you the power and fast charging you need to easily keep your battery in top condition. The exceptional battery on every Magicycle is worthy of a great lithium battery charger made by Modiary.

The Magicycle Charger is at least as fast and efficient as any competitor, and faster than any other brand at this price!

Magicycle owners can ride in confidence, knowing the entire power system is among the best and ready for a lifetime of service.

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