E-bikes are great fun, and perfect for getting outdoors…fresh air, exercise, exploring, scenic touring, and building better health. In addition to all that, sometimes every rider needs a cargo/utility bike. That’s where Magicycle enters the picture.

When there’s work to be done and cargo to carry, there’s no need to have a second e-bike. And there’s no need to settle for an unattractive or more expensive e-bike. Magicycle is designed to give riders a great-looking ride for the best of all worlds…recreation, commuting, and cargo.

Cargo Bike


Every Magicycle comes equipped with a headlight, integrated tail/brake light, and an unusually sturdy rear rack. All of these are important for safe use as a cargo bike. Very importantly, Magicycle provides a total payload of 350 pounds, including bike, rider and cargo.

This exceptionally strong rear rack may be enough for your cargo needs. If not, you can accessorize your ride with a bike bag, front rack, and/or a basket. Magicycle knows not everyone will need these items, but if you do, they are readily available and easy to order. You can easily transform your Magicycle into a full-blown cargo bike, while still retaining the beautiful flowing looks that first attracts customers to these powerful e-bikes.

Extra-Strength Frame

For an e-bike to safely carry heavy riders or weighty cargo loads, accessories are not enough on their own. The cargo bike must be centered around a carefully designed frame that provides the needed strength for the job.

The  Magicycle frame is unmatched by any other brand. Customers get not only shining beauty, but also amazing comfort and durability. Magicycle uses state-of-the-art technology, including robotic welding, to construct a meticulously designed frame that is both strong and beautiful. Every part of the frame is built from high-quality materials from trusted suppliers. Each completed frame is subjected to extensive Vibration Fatigue Testing. This includes more than 100,000 repetitions, just to be absolutely certain every customer gets a perfect frame. Magicycle goes beyond industry-standard testing to ensure the long life, high quality and safety of the frame.

That eye-pleasing frame is manufactured in a factory owned by Magicycle. That’s important! It gives Magicycle complete control over the quality of every frame. The best combination of strength and economy comes from the use of 6061 aluminum alloy. This popular alloy provides exceptional strength, corrosion resistance, light weight, durability, and a defect-free highly pleasing appearance.

High Tech for High Quality

All this is made possible by employing technology borrowed from the aviation industry. This includes hydroforming and cataphracted weld joints…regarded as the best welding technique in the world.. This means that Magicycle customers receive a high-tech frame that is strong, safe, and beautiful for unequaled riding stability and comfort. It’s just one of the many ways quality control excels at Magicycle.

Comfortable Riding Position for Work and Recreation

The Magicycle Design Team has moved the pedals forward by 5cm, allowing riders to stretch their legs naturally. This helps riders with a height of 5’5‘’ to 6‘5’’ to adjust to the most comfortable riding posture. Magicycle owners pedal comfortably and exert smooth force. This makes long-distance riding easy and effortless. Also, it helps maximize the power and efficiency of every pedal stroke. The pedals are crafted from aluminum, providing strength to withstand wear and tear but without adding undue weight. With the resulting light weight and strong durability, Magicycle again scores high in rider comfort and safety, making it effortless to move your cargo efficiently.

Power for the Job

A strong frame and generous payload capacity are great, but useless without power to move the payload. With 750 watts of nominal power, the Magicycle hub motor is the perfect size. If you settle for a 500 watt motor, your e-bike will feel underpowered on the steep hills.

The hub motor on all Magicycle e-bikes is powered by an impressive 52 volt battery. The battery is beautifully incorporated into the e-bike frame, yet very easy to remove. It charges quickly, and is rated at 15 amp hours. This battery will keep your hub motor humming for 30 – 60 miles on a single charge! Your mileage will vary according to your weight, the terrain, and how much you want to peddle.

Additionally, Magicycle motors are upgraded to give riders very impressive torque. No other brand in this price range even comes close to the same power. Torque is important because of its relationship to power. You can think of torque as the power available for turning the rear wheel on your e-bike. The torque can be provided by a motor or by the pedaling of the rider. The harder the rider pedals, the more torque is applied for turning the rear wheel. In the same manner, the more powerful the motor and battery, the more torque is available. Torque you need for turning the rear wheel and propelling the e-bike forward.

The massive 96.8 Nm of torque gives Magicycle quicker starts and more powerful hill-climbing ability than a lesser motor with say…80 Nm or 68 Nm. Magicycle is absolutely the leader in available torque, giving you more power than any competitively priced e-bike! 

To summarize, higher torque provides quicker takeoff for crossing busy intersections, easier starts on an uphill incline, and greater ease of climbing hills.

Versatility is Key

You may use your e-bike primarily for work, whether as a commuter or as a cargo bike. But chances are you want to have a little fun, too! Maybe you like scenic rides along countryside lanes, or exploring off-road forest pathways. This is where Magicycle really stands out from the crowd. It’s just as happy with sandy beaches as it is with city streets. Steep hills or gravel roads don’t phase it at all. Magicycle is truly the king of versatility.

Get a Magicycle for work. Get a Magicycle for pleasure riding. Or get it for both! With just one e-bike, you have the best of all worlds by choosing Magicycle. After all, it is a leading All-Terrain Fat Tire Cruiser, and absolutely has no equal in the same price range.

Popularity Affects Pricing

E-bike popularity for economical work and recreational use is growing rapidly all around the world. The e-bike market was valued at USD 27.22 billion in 2021. It is expected to reach USD 54.48 billion by 2027. These amazing numbers simply reflect the usefulness, economy and pure fun of riding e-bikes. 

The increasing demand is putting pressure on e-bike prices. To make things worse, it looks like rising inflation is here to stay for at least several months. Please consider getting your Magicycle now, while the low sale prices are still available.