The great majority of my rides on MAGiCYCLE are for exercise. Sure, there are occasional runs to the grocery store and sometimes I ride strictly for fun, but mostly the fun includes a strong emphasis on exercise. My cardiologist tells me regular exercise is key to maintaining heart health. After surviving a “widowmaker” heart attack 6 years ago, followed by emergency bypass surgery…well, let’s just say I am highly motivated to exercise. Fortunately, MACiCYCLE makes exercise both effective and fun!

Magicycle Step-Thru

Maximizing E-bike Exercise

There are a multitude of ways to get exercise, but for me, none are as enjoyable as a ride on my MAGiCYCLE. Here’s a few tips to help you get the most out of your e-bike in terms of exercise.

Regular Schedule

It’s easy to get out of the habit of exercising unless you have a schedule in mind, and stick to it. You may prefer a mix of cardio exercise types, such as jogging, walking, step-climbing, etc.–but if cycling is your primary exercise, then plan on riding at least every other day. For me, it is rare to miss a day.

Make a decision about what cycling schedule is best for you, and then stick to your schedule as much as possible. Good habits have just as much power as bad habits! You’ll be surprised at how quickly cycling exercise becomes a part of your life that you just wouldn’t want to miss.

Reasonable Effort

It is neither necessary nor prudent to return from every ride soaked with sweat and too tired to do anything but fall into your recliner. On the other hand, if the majority of your riding time is throttle-only, you’re not getting any cardio benefit from your ride.

Somewhere in between is where most riders need to concentrate their cycling exercise. MAGiCYCLE owners are fortunate to have 7 levels of fully customizable pedal assist. This means you have the freedom to pedal with 15% assistance from the high-torque motor or as much as 100% assistance. I like to keep the pedal assistance between 17% and 36%, and I have customized the pedal assist on my MAGiCYCLE to provide these percentages between Pedal  Assist Levels 1 and 3.

These are not randomly selected percentages. They represent a lot of testing to ensure that I can give a fairly strenuous effort to pedaling on almost any terrain. I live in an area that is characterized by hills, and consequently I am rarely riding on level pavement or dirt. If riding uphill, I often shift into 1st or 2nd gear. If on a downhill slope, I shift upward to 5th-7th gears to allow maintaining pedal effort.

Many miles of riding exercise have helped me learn the best combination of pedal assist and gear selection to keep my level of exercise effort consistent throughout the ride. You can do the same, and it will make a huge difference in the results you experience from your cycling exercise.

I rarely find myself just coasting downhill, but it does happen now and then. I don’t like that, because I’d prefer to be pedaling and keeping my heart rate elevated. However, the absolute fastest I can pedal on a downhill run is 26 mph, and that, of course, is in 7th gear. It’s really not enjoyable, as 26 mph requires extreme pedaling rpm, and makes me feel like a hamster on his exercise wheel. I won’t keep up that rpm pace for long. On several of the downhill stretches in my area, the MAGiCYCLE hits 35 mph, so yes, I do a little coasting. However, I keep it minimal and I’m back to pedaling as soon as possible.

Regional Temperature

Dress for the weather conditions, especially in extreme cold or heat. In winter, choose a warmer time of day, and a cooler time of day is great for summer exercise. Try to ensure that you can maintain your usual exercise effort without risking your health. For example, in the heat of mid-summer, I drape a cooling wet towel over my head and let it drape to protect my ears and neck from the sun. I wear my bike helmet on top of the towel, and the cooling effect can last up to about an hour. In winter conditions, a dry towel worn the same way can help keep me warm.

Reliable Equipment

MAGiCYCLE riders enjoy riding equipment provided by a company that genuinely cares about its customers and consistently provides high-quality equipment. This is the direct result of a strong emphasis on quality control that makes MAGiCYCLE e-bikes a very attractive investment in both recreational riding and exercise.

Magicycle is not a normal e-bike company. Magicycle owns the factory, and that factory has been producing quality e-bikes for more than 16 years. Every Magicycle begins with the award-winning Magicycle Design Team, originators of the amazing frame design that makes their e-bikes both visually appealing and reliably strong. Because they control every aspect of design and manufacturing, Magicycle gets to very carefully select the components.

Only well-known brand names are invited to supply motors, batteries, LCD displays, brakes, etc. For example, an unusually powerful 52 volt battery comes on every Magicycle. That battery is supplied by the same company that supplies batteries for Tesla. Only high-quality components go onto a Magicycle! That’s a big factor in the confidence Magicycle owners have in their e-bike.

This is true not only in terms of quality, but also in relation to after-sale service. This commitment to customer-first service and top quality is reflected in the 2-Year Warranty. Additionally, Magicycle provides a generous 15-day return policy, as well as free shipping to the customer’s residence.

The superior quality control makes after-sale problems a rarity for Magicycle riders. Further, if some problem does arise, Magicycle is there to assist with resolving every issue. A quick and simple email to Magicycle begins the process, and immediately the Magicycle Support Team goes into action. This is a vital part of their customer-first emphasis.

No wonder so many Magicycle owners purchase a second Magicycle, and even a third. They know that the Magicycle Support Team is on their side, and in case of some rare difficulty, it will be promptly resolved. In the unlikely case of a serious problem, Magicycle will even send a professional e-bike mechanic directly to your doorstep.

If you don’t already own a MAGiCYCLE, now is the time. The company is introducing two new models in August, and all MAGiCYCLE models are on sale at discounted prices right now. These celebratory deals won’t last long, so take a look now and give serious thought to upgrading your exercise experiences and adding  some recreational fun to your life.