You’ve done the research, compared brands, checked the prices, and made the wise decision to invest in a Magicycle. Congratulations! You can anticipate many years of riding fun, improved health, fresh air and sunshine. So what’s next? Here’s a few tried and true suggestions to help you get started. If you are just preparing to assemble the e-bike, read more about it here.

Your First Priority is Safety

Probably one of the things that attracted you to MAGiCYCLE is safety. You found a brand that actually owns its factory and emphasizes quality control. MAGiCYCLE produces an exceptional bike frame with state-of-the-art welding. Brand name components such as Kenda fat tires, Tektro disc brakes, and Shimano shifting reinforce the emphasis on safety and quality. Now what can you do to continue prioritizing safety?

Head First

That’s right…your head comes first in safety priorities. Riding any category of bicycle calls for wearing a helmet. This is especially true for e-bike riders. When you consider the speed capability of e-bikes, head safety becomes easily understandable. Nobody plans to take a tumble, but everybody does–sooner or later. If you’re short on cash, second-hand stores such as Goodwill or Salvation Army are great places to find used bike helmets.

Cautious Beginnings

It may be tempting to jump on your new MAGiCYCLE and blast down the street at top speed…don’t! E-bikes are powerful, fast, and heavy. If you do not have previous e-bike experience, begin cautiously. 

Take time to read your owners manual. The more you know about your e-bike, the better. Then check your ride from stem to stern, making sure that every nut/screw/bolt is tightened to specs (listed in your owners manual). 

Make your first riding experience as easy and safe as possible. There is plenty to think about without having to deal with bumps, rocks, hills, or traffic. It helps to get started in a location where the terrain is level and safe. Perhaps an empty parking lot or a quiet neighborhood street with almost no traffic. Make sure you can easily concentrate on your Magicycle and not be concerned with your surroundings.

Test Your Brakes

Stopping is even more important than starting! Before mounting your Magicycle, walk along slowly while pushing the e-bike. Then gently squeeze the left-hand brake to stop your forward motion. Now begin pushing forward again and do the same with your right-hand brake. This will confirm that both the front and the rear brakes are working. If either brake does not easily stop your forward motion, do not ride until your brakes have been adjusted and are working properly.

Control Speed

You may  enjoy high speeds, but when you’re just beginning to know your e-bike, slow is good! Sure, part of the fun of e-bikes is that the are capable of great speed, but that’s not the place to get started. Make sure your shift selector is in a low gear, 1 or 2, and that your Pedal Assist is set at 0.

Begin your ride with no Pedal Assist, but also do not pedal. Pedaling an e-bike has a little different feel than other bikes, and you need time to adjust. Instead, mount your Magicycle and begin your ride by SLOWLY twisting your throttle. Your e-bike will begin to move forward and you can twist the throttle enough to maintain your balance at a slow speed.

When you feel comfortable, you can try pedaling, and adjust your Pedal Assist from 0 to 1. But be careful — your Magicycle will go faster than you expect with Peddle Assist. As you learn more about your new ride, you can customize the Pedal Assist levels until they are perfect for you! 

Help Drivers See You

Do all you can to be seen! In daylight hours, where bright clothing or a florescent vest. Also, it helps to keep a bright light on front and rear. Riding in dark or low-light conditions is inherently more risky. Whether day or night, you definitely want to be noticed by the driver of any vehicles approaching you.

Reflective gear is a great way to increase your visibility at night. A wide variety of reflective aids for nighttime riding is readily available. Gear such as reflective tape, vests, spoke reflectors, etc. are very helpful, so take a look and choose the items that you like.

Naturally, this includes not only what you wear, but also your e-bike frame, wheels and fenders. Magicycle, for example, equips every e-bike with wheels that feature reflective sidewalls. These wheels glow very brightly in the headlights of surrounding traffic. You can also take advantage of this reflectivity by adding lighting to your e-bike.

Be Prepared

Always expect the unexpected. For example, a bike tire never goes flat at a convenient time. And who would have thought that nut could loosen so quickly? Carry your bike tool kit with you on every ride. It should include all the commonly needed tools (like your free Magicycle tool kit) along with a tube repair kit. In case of a flat, you’ll need your tire levers and a patch kit.

Trick Out Your Ride

The possibilities are endless! Yes, your MAGiCYCLE comes with all the basic needs, but what would you like to add to your new ride? Things like a roomy bike bag, an upgraded headlight, or front cargo rack can add to the pleasure and utility of your e-bike. 

May be you’d like to take your toddler riding with you, or a small dog…you can do that! For a great start on finding accessories suitable for your MAGiCYCLE, take a look here.

Join the MAGiCYCLE Crowd

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