Magicycle Inc. Announces Full-Suspension ESUV coming in February

The wait is almost over, and excitement is building among e-biking fans. Magicycle has confirmed that its newest e-bike model, the Magicycle Deer, is becoming available to consumers in early February. This is a ride that is definitely worth a close look! Magicycle has pulled out all the stops for this one — an electric offroad-capable bike with more load capacity, a larger rear rack, and full suspension — and that’s just a taste of what this great new ride is like.

The growing interest in heavy-duty all-around e-bikes, also known as ESUVs, is phenomenal. Fueled by the covid-related cautions and lockdowns, the biking industry is still feeling the impact of people looking for an outdoor activity far from the crowds. Now it’s as if the covid-related issues lit a fire of interest, and that fire is still spreading rapidly. Growth in sales continues to be very strong, and it looks like 2023 will continue the trend. 

ESUVs (electric SUV bikes) are a very fast-growing segment of the booming e-bike market. There’s no question that off-road biking is an extremely popular activity. Since March of last year, bike sales have grown by 60%. Total sales in the US last year reached $1,464,000,000 — and more than 47,000 offroad-style bikes are being sold every day. Electric SUV bikes are claiming their share of the bike industry growth.

The unusually quick growth of the industry has also produced a large number of brands available to consumers. Road bikes, commuter bikes, ESUVs…people everywhere are learning about the many pluses that come with healthy and fun outdoor exercise. There are lots of ESUV brands available, but not all are manufactured with good quality control. Fortunately for consumers shopping for ESUVs, Magicycle has refused to rush the design and manufacture of its new full suspension ESUV and has maintained its exemplary quality control throughout the process. Now it is almost time to make the Magicycle Deer Full Suspension ESUV available to customers.

Magicycle Deer…the SUV of Electric Bikes

Sometimes referred to as an ESUV or electric sport utility vehicle, the Magicycle Deer is the epitome of power and comfort. It is an all-around performer, excellent for both commuting, scenic riding, and off-road adventure. That’s exactly what ESUV fans have requested, and this new ESUV definitely delivers.

Comfort in a Hard-to-Find Frame Design

The Magicycle Design Team is actually giving us a gorgeous ESUV with exceptional comfort and convenience. This electric bike has a simple but important feature that is very difficult to find either online or in local shops. The Magicycle Deer is a step-thru ESUV! The step-thru frame makes the Deer so much more comfortable to ride than other ESUVs, while fully maintaining industry-leading tube strength and frame rigidity.

Comfort in Absorbing the Bumps

Bike suspension is important for comfort and stability if you ride on pavement. If you ride off-road, suspension is extremely important. Wherever you ride, on or off the road, the ultimate in suspension is known as “softail” or “full suspension.” These two terms simply refer to a bike that has suspension for both wheels, front and rear. All ESUVs have front fork suspension, and that helps, but most riders want more.

The new ESUV from Magicycle is coming soon, and it is worth the wait. This gorgeous electric SUV bike is equipped with full suspension. The rocks, potholes, bumps and dips are absorbed in the front by highly effective hydraulic front forks. In the rear, these same obstacles are absorbed by high-quality spring suspension. Don’t settle for an ESUV that does not offer full suspension!

Comfort in Stability and Traction

The Magicycle Deer is beautifully equipped with 26″ X 4″ brand name fat tires. Fat tire bikes have been around much longer than most people would guess. There are historical indications of fat tire bikes in the early 1900s, and we know that serious experimentation happened no later than about 1988. Simultaneously, in two widely separated US states, genuine interest in fat tires was developing at about the same time. 

To state what may be obvious to some readers, a 4″ wide tire offers a lot more traction on any surface or terrain compared to a 2″ tire. That 4″ wide fat tire also provides a more stable and secure ride. And then the fat tire opens up a truly diverse option for terrain choices…sand, gravel, mud, snow, forest pathways, rocky trails…all are much more rideable with fat tires. Even a 3′ wide tire is no match for the stability, traction, and shock-absorbing qualities of the 26″ X 4″ fat tire.

Power to Get You Where You Want to Go

For most riders, comfort is important, but not at the expense of power. The Magicycle Deer gives you plenty of both! Discerning ESUV shoppers definitely want a full-suspension electric sport utiolity bike equipped with the power and torque you need to navigate the off-road trails. When you think about quick starts, cruising speed, and hill-climbing ability — all these are dependent on power and torque. You want an e-bike equipped with a strong motor, providing plenty of power. Those steep climbs where you catch the best views are no fun at all without a powerful high-torque motor that gets you to the top. The Magicycle Deer comes equipped with a 1100 watt (peak) motor that will satisfy the demands of hill climbing, giving you the confidence to go offroad or tackle the steepest hills in your neighborhood.

For easy, comfortable, relaxed riding, this mighty hub motor is an obvious choice. That choice is confirmed when you realize that hub motors are far more economical than mid-drive motors. With 1100 watts of peak power, the Magicycle Deer’s hub motor is the perfect size. If you settle for a 500 watt motor, your ESUV will feel underpowered on the steep hills.

The Magicycle Deer’s hub motor is an impressive combination of power, torque, and consumer-friendly pricing. The design of mid-drive motors requires a much larger number of moving parts. This naturally means more wear and tear, along with greater possibility of motor failure. Mid-drive motors are also more complex to install or replace, which adds to the expense. Even if you are new to e-biking, with a hub motor you can be very quickly riding with confidence. For example, shifting is often unnecessary if your bike is powered by a hub motor, and you can even shift when the bike is stopped. But with a mid-drive motor, the bike must be moving before the rider can shift, and while riding it must be shifted frequently.

To complement all that power from the Deer, riders also get ample torque. After all, the Magicycle Deer is a full-suspension ESUV bike intended for riding on any terrain, including tough and steep trails. To accomplish this, it absolutely must have a motor that delivers excellent torque. The Magicycle Deer’s motor is meticulously engineered to produce industry-leading torque — 96.8 Neuton meters! You won’t find many e-bikes that can give you that kind of torque. In fact, the Magicycle Deer has about the same torque as an 800cc motorcycle!

Power to Go the Long Distance

There is much to admire about the Magicycle Design Team’s approach to giving us a superior ESUV. You might think the Design Team would simply carry over the high-powered 52 volt battery from the original Magicycle cruisers. No, they didn’t take the quick and easy route. Instead, they have opted to give the softail Magicycle Deer a freshly designed battery, a power source that gives riders even more range. Even after upping the amp hours from 15 to 20, the new battery is beautifully integrated into the frame. 

This provides Magicycle Deer owners a 25% boost in amps, meaning you can look forward to long rides without worrying about battery life…perhaps rides of up to 70 or 80 miles. Of course, if you tip the scales at 290 pounds and ride mostly in hilly terrain, that will reduce your range. Range will also vary according to wind speed, tire pressure, and your pedaling habits. If confidence in taking the long rides is important to you, then you’ll certainly want to consider the Magicycle Deer ESUV.


Quality Counts — Especially with ESUVs

Excellent quality means better safety for bike riders. This is true of any bicycle, and even more so for any e-bike, simply because they can go faster. It’s reasonable to conclude that quality is of even greater importance, because ESUV riders are more likely to venture out onto the more dangerous offroad terrain. You don’t want to ride the remote rough and steep trails on a bike of questionable quality.

Every rider wants to know that their e-bike has been built by a manufacturer that maintains excellent quality control. When you choose the Magicycle Deer Full-Suspension ESUV, you gain the advantage of knowing that complete and thorough quality control is exercised throughout the manufacturing process.

Why it this true? It’s because MAGiCYCLE owns the factory that manufactures its e-bikes. Believe it or not, there are only a few e-bike brands that actually own a factory. Magicycle is one of that elite group! Many e-bike brands are simply selling e-bikes purchased from a factory the supplies multiple brands, only placing a different brand label on an e-bike and perhaps changing the color. Known as “cookie-cutter” bikes, this is not what a serious ESUV shopper wants to consider. Quality and safety are too important!

It is impossible to maintain satisfactory quality control if the brand does not own the factory. The 107,000 sq.ft. Magicycle factory boasts the best manufacturing technology in the world. Magicycle’s factory has been in Wuxi, China, the Capital of Global Electric Bicycle Manufacturing for more than 16 years and has produced more than 1.2 million e-bikes, which are sold to North America, Europe, Japan, Australia, and other countries & regions.

From these countries, 800,000 users provided riding data that helped Magicycle develop its uniquely stable and comfortable e-bikes. This gives Magicycle customers the ultimate cost performance with state-of-the-art technology and materials, consistently exceeding client expectations. That is exactly what you want when you consider purchasing a full-suspension ESUV.

Get In on the Excitement!

There’s just something very special about the launch of a new product, especially in the world of electric SUV biking. Magicycle Inc. is a company that has a well-deserved reputation for listening to its customers, and this new ESUV certainly reflects that customer interest. This includes the design and planning stages of the Magicycle Deer. The Magicycle Design Team is delivering something that is very hard to find…an ESUV with the convenience of step-through design. Riders of various sizes will enjoy the ease of mounting and dismounting this gorgeous new full suspension ESUV bike.