Considering Magicycle? Here’s what you need to know…

For most shoppers, purchasing an e-bike is a significant investment. Even an underpowered low-quality electric bicycle will take at least a $500-$750 bite out of your budget, and a quality ride will cost much more. I purchased my Magicycle 6 months ago, so I’ve had time to get to know it well. Here’s  I would want to know about Magicycle if I were shopping for an e-bike today: 


  • Quality is the most important factor. You want an e-bike that is safe to ride, easy to control, and very reliable. You definitely do NOT want to concerned about having to deal with repairs every few weeks. Magicycle quality is beyond satisfactory…it is truly amazing! I attribute the exceptional quality to two factors: 

               1. Magicycle owns the factory. This is one of very few e-bike brands that actually has a factory and manufacture their e-                           bikes themselves. Most e-bike companies purchase their e-bikes from a factory that supplies several different brands                             with the same e-bike. Maybe it has a different color, but it is the same e-bike. I call them “cookie-cutter bikes.” But not                             Magicycle! Magicycle makes it’s own products, and has complete control of quality all the way from design to shipping.

                  Magicycle E-bike Factor

State-of-the-art design and engineering on display in this view of one section inside the Magicycle factory.




              2. The Magicycle company refuses to use less expensive sub-par components. Instead, name brand quality is preferred, and                     so you will find brands like Shimano, Tektro, and Kenda — brands known to produce reliable components.

  • Dependable power is a must. If you don’t care about power, then you likely have no interest in e-biking. Again, using only well-known name brand components, Magicycle has carefully selected the Shengyi company to provide a hi-powered 750 watt (nominal) motor, yielding 86 nm of torque, more than any e-bike in this price range. For Magicycle riders, this means quicker starts getting across busy intersections and more power for climbing the steep hills. To keep that motor humming, Magicycle has chosen a battery built by Lishen, the same company that supplies batteries for Tesla. This amazing 52 volt 15 amp hour long-life battery more than satisfies the demands of Magicycle customers, featuring long range and fast charging.

Magicycle Torque

  • Price is a big item! Discretionary income is hard to come by these days, and many e-bike shoppers are forced to carefully consider price. Fortunately for all of us, Magicycle is strongly committed to maintaining affordable pricing without sacrificing quality or power. What does that mean in dollars? It means you can still get a Magicycle for under $1600 even though it beats all competing e-bikes by giving consumers better quality, name-brand components, power, torque, design, and manufacturing. The other top fat tire e-bikes range from $1600-$1999. No e-bike fat tire cruiser brand matches Magicycle in both quality and price–get yours while it’s still on sale!