Six Tips for Riding Your E-bike in Cold Weather

The arrival of winter’s blast of inconvenient temperatures doesn’t necessarily mean an end to your e-biking fun for several  weeks. With reasonable precautions and proper care of your e-bike, the fun and outdoor exercise can continue. Here are 5 important ways to stay safe and warm.

  1. Dress Right for Riding

          Nobody enjoys shivering, and you definitely don’t want to be miserable while you’re pedaling along those city streets or scenic routes…that would certainly spoil the fun! The key to winter riding comfort is layering. Sure, you can probably stay warm with a big bulky insulated winter coat, but that same coat can also be much too warm when the sun comes out. It is so much nicer to layer your clothing so that you can easily adapt to temperature changes.

          Multiple lighter layers do a great job of helping you retain your body heat, and at the same time they are excellent for allowing the sweat to evaporate. When the thermometer drops below 70°F, it’s time to add a long-sleeve shirt on top of your t-shirt. That should keep your upper body warm, and most riders are still comfortable wearing shorts at these warmer temperatures. If you are an exception, then perhaps very lightweight britches will work well for you.

          Once the outside air falls below 60 °F, most riders will want to add a light jacket or sweatshirt. A light head covering made to wear under your helmet will help keep your head warm. Probably you will also need light gloves for hand and finger comfort. Sweatpants or leg warmers should be fine for your lower body.

          With below-50 temperatures, more drastic measures are in order. Now you’ll need heavier gloves, an insulated jacket, and maybe long johns under your jeans. You will certainly want warmer shoes and perhaps windproof water-resistant shoe covers. Additionally, your face will absolutely appreciate a nice warm balaclava face mask.

          Anytime the weather brings temperatures below 40, and especially below freezing, it’s time for extra precautions. Avoid any exposed skin and wear heavy gloves. Consider use of insulated clothing from head to foot, and an insulated bike suit is worth considering. By all means, protect yourself from frostbite!

2. Stay Dry for Comfortable Riding

         Colder weather months can sometimes also be wetter months, with a noticeable increase in precipitation. A summertime downpour may not phase you much at all, but getting soaked in cold weather can be devastatingly uncomfortable. If this is a problem where you live, consider adding clothing made of Merino wool. This fabric has the enviable characteristic of keeping you warm even when the fabric is wet.

          If the forecast calls for precipitation, wear outer layers that are water resistant. Also, if you normally ride without bike fenders, it’s not a bad idea to add them to your bike for cold-weather riding. When it’s wet outside, you’ll be glad for fenders that keep you from tire spray.

3. Traction on Wet Roads

The same winter rainfall that can make clothing uncomfortable will also create slippery road conditions. Slow down, and anticipate the slipperiness! If it is raining too hard to see well, try to find refuge from the rain and wait for the downpour to ease enough for good vision. Most e-bikes are water resistant, but not water proof. As you know, water and electricity don’t mix well. You can safely ride most e-bikes in the rain, but avoid heavy rain. Fat tires will provide the best traction.

4. Riding in Snow

Yes, you can ride your fat tire e-bike in snow…if it’s not too deep! If you live in an area that typically has snow throughout the winter months, consider purchasing winter tires or studded tires. Winter tires will offer better traction in most wintry conditions, and some brands may offer better puncture protection, as well. Be careful, though, as studded tires can be slippery on hard-pack surfaces.

5. Take Care of Your Power Source

The best e-bike motor will not help you get back home unless your battery has good range. Consider protecting your battery from the winter elements with a battery protector…here’s one source. Keeping your battery a little warmer as you ride in cold weather may also extend your range somewhat.

6. Be Ready to Use Your Feet

In spite of your best efforts to ride prepared, you will sometimes run across an especially slick portion of the road or trail. Before riding on ice or snow, it might be prudent to lower your bike seat so that your feet can more easily reach the ground. For quick assistance in staying upright, it’s worth losing a little pedaling power by lowering your seat.

Winter can be a Great Time to Get Off-Road

Winters can be long and tough, but they can also bring amazing snow-covered beauty. Always make safety a priority, but look to see if you have trails or gravel roads that can take you to great scenic views. Of course, use only an off-road capable e-bike, such as the new all-terrain fat tire ESUV from Magicycle Inc.

The Magicycle Deer ESUV Bike

Magicycle Inc. is a company that enjoys a well-deserved reputation for listening to its customers. The Magicycle brand strives to bring new e-bike models to the market that match the desires of Magicycle fans. The Magicycle Deer is no exception!

The foundation of this new ESUV comes from two previous models, the highly popular Magicycle Fat Tire Cruiser and the Cruiser Pro. The reliable function, comfort, and power of these cruisers carries over to the Magicycle Deer. The Magicycle Design Team has combined the best features of the cruisers with the toughness and superior ride of a full suspension EMTB (electric mountain bike). This gives e-bikers access to an ESUV (electric sport utility vehicle) that is truly a multipurpose bike, equally at home on city streets and forest trails. 

The Magicycle brand has always focused on providing a high-quality product at a very consumer-friendly price point. Many riders have noted that no other company can match the quality and power of a Magicycle in the same price range. The full suspension Magicycle Deer ESUV will follow this tradition of quality control and economical pricing.

Finally…Full Suspension in a Step-Thru E-bike

Filling the Void

ESUV bikes are relatively new to the e-bike market. Most manufacturers of ESUVs are not providing a step-thru model, and so this convenient frame style is hard to find. Off-road adventures are sometimes thought of as an activity reserved for the young and strong, but that is not actually the case. Magicycle feels that almost anyone can enjoy owning an e-bike that can take you down city streets or up a mountain trail in style and comfort — and this includes riders of all sizes. This makes the step-thru design very significant.

“We are excited to fill a void in the ESUV market with the Magicycle Deer,” said Wade Wei, Magicycle CEO and founder. “It has been very difficult for consumers to find a step-through ESUV bike. Our new Magicycle Deer combines the rugged strength of a full suspension mountain bike with the convenience of step-through design.”

Riding the Streets is Great, But…

Many e-bike fans like the ability to have a wide variety of riding experiences. There is a lot of satisfaction in enjoying a scenic ride along the surf on a sandy beach, the quiet solitude of a forest trail, a challenging mountain trail, or a gravel road carved through the trees. Wherever you may like to ride, the Magicycle Deer is equipped to get you where you want to go. Riders can explore with confidence, knowing the Deer gives all the needed comfort and power. For most riders, comfort is important, but not at the expense of power.

The Magicycle Deer gives you plenty of both! Knowledgeable ESUV shoppers definitely want a full-suspension (softail) bike equipped with the power and torque you need to navigate the trails, steep hills, and long commutes. When you think about quick starts, cruising speed, and hill-climbing ability — all these are dependent on power and torque. You want an ESUV bike equipped with a strong motor, providing plenty of power. Those steep climbs where you catch the best views are no fun at all without a powerful high-torque motor that gets you to the top. The Magicycle Deer comes equipped with a 1100 watt (peak) motor that will satisfy the demands of hill climbing, giving you the confidence to go off-road or tackle the steepest hills in your neighborhood.

Torque — and lots of it!

For easy, comfortable, relaxed riding, this freshly enhanced hub motor is an obvious choice. That choice is confirmed when you realize that hub motors are far more economical than mid-drive motors. With 1100 watts of peak power (750 watts nominal), the Magicycle Deer’s hub motor is the perfect size. If you settle for a 250 watt, or even a 500 watt motor, your ESUV will feel underpowered on the steep hills.

To accompany all that power from the Deer, riders also get an amazing amount of torque. After all, the Magicycle Deer is a full-suspension ESUV (electric sport utility bike) intended for riding on any terrain, including tough and steep trails. To accomplish this, it absolutely must have a motor that delivers excellent torque. The Magicycle Deer’s motor is meticulously engineered to produce industry-leading torque — 96.8 Neuton meters! You won’t find many e-bikes that can give you that kind of torque. In fact, the Magicycle Deer has about the same torque as an 800cc motorcycle!

Conquer the Winter and Keep Riding

The full suspension fat tire e-bike design of the Magicycle Deer will make riding more comfortable in winter and all year round. Use good common sense in slick conditions, and always make safety your first priority.