Give Attention to Security!

Purchasing a top-quality and highly reliable e-bike such as Magicycle is no small investment. In fact, they are on sale at reduced prices for a few more days, so if you haven’t ordered yours yet, click here to get started.

Naturally, you will be very interested in protecting your new Magicycle, so first let’s do a quick assessment of your security risk. If you live in a community or small town with low population, then  your security risk is likely to be low to moderate. But if you commute to larger communities, then your risk escalates. And of course, wherever you’re located, your risk is higher at night.

If you live in a large city or on a college or university campus, then you are at a very high level of security risk. This is true anytime your Magicycle is left outside and unattended. And remember, the longer it is left unattended, the higher the risk…especially for times in excess of 30 minutes.

So, what can I do?

First, always think in terms of risk assessment. Where will you be riding? What time of day? Will your Magicycle be left unattended, and how long? 

Secondly, be prepared. Never ride without having a good bike lock on board. Yes, it’s true that any lock can be defeated, but a good lock will slow down a thief and discourage any passers-by from thinking of stealing your Magicycle. Never leave your e-bike unattended without locking it to some secure object, such as a bike rack, street sign or lamp post. If you are in a higher risk area, plan to return to your Magicycle within 30 minutes. And if you’re transporting your e-bike, lock it to the rack!

Many e-bike riders feel that a folding lock is the best choice. It is easy to attach to your frame and convenient to use. For example, suppose you want to secure your Magicycle to a strong lamp post. With a folding lock, it’s easy; but with a u-lock, it’s impossible. It’s important to have a lock that is long enough to go around a variety of objects that are sturdy enough to provide the security you need! Magicycle offers two styles of strong folding locks — short version and a long version. Decide which best fits your security needs and order it now, while they are still on sale.