Life is More Colorful with Magicycle

Everyone Loves Color, Right?

Right! And there are some very good reasons to choose an ebike that comes with a color display. Magicycle provides a color display for every customer, already installed on your handlebar. In fact, the Magicycle display is ready to use as soon as you have assembled your ebike and charged your battery.

It is modestly sized so that it doesn’t scream “ebike, ebike” to everyone you see along the road, and yet it is very powerful, bright, easy to read. When you have read the Magicycle owners manual and become more familiar with your ebike, the color display gives you easy access to customize the control of your ebike — making it a perfect fit for you!

Magicycle Display

The Magicycle Color Display is lightweight, but very solidly constructed, and comes with an unusually strong handlebar mount. It will last you a lifetime and provide you with all the information you need…speed, mileage, battery level, current power usage, pedal assist level, and more! It also provides you with a very handy USB port to recharge your devices, and a password function if you want to enable added security.

Why Color?

In general, ebike color displays are brighter and easier to read in all lighting conditions. Additionally, many color displays, like Magicycle, provide more information and control and you can get with a grayscale display. For example, with your Magicycle Color Display, you can edit the many parameters of your controller, including speed limiter, pedal assist levels, voltage, and more.

Sounds complicated? It really isn’t — you don’t have to change anything if you don’t want to mess with it. Just read the user manual or watch a couple of YouTube videos and you’ll have no problems.

Have fun with your display, and if you need assistance, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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