Have you decided the fat tire e-bike style is perfect? Then now comes the decision as to which brand makes the best sense for you. In most cases, you can’t tell just by looking, as there are often many similarities in style. This is true of many products…automobiles, for example:

Here you see the Ford Mustang followed by an Aston Martin:

Mustang Aston Martin

Similar? Absolutely, but nobody’s complaining, and if you look under the hood you will discover some important differences.

So let’s look “under the hood” of the Magicycle, Aventon, RadRover, and Himiway fat tire cruisers and discover which brand deserves your investment! Please note: this article reflects older models of all four brands, but much of the info remains valid.

  Aventon   Aventon

 RadRover RadRover


Magicycle Magicycle Blue Cruiser


These four popular e-bikes are detailed below in a side-by-side comparison chart. We are looking only at each brand’s top-of-the-line full size Fat Tire Cruiser step-over e-bikes. Notice that the green areas mark the specifications where each brand is in the lead, and you can see the totals at the bottom of the chart.

(If viewing this on a phone, you may need to turn your phone sideways.)

For many e-bike riders, price is a key factor. Not only does Magicycle have the highest number of leading specifications (green), it also leads the way in low pricing. The Design and Engineering Team at Magicycle has proved that high quality does not have to result in high prices.

UPDATE:  Price changes since this article was written…Magicycle $1499 and Himiway $1350, with Aventon at $1499 and Rad at $1499 to $1999 — pricing sometimes changes, so check websites for the latest. The Magicycle Cruiser used in this article has now received important upgrades, and Magicycle consistently gives the best pricing

Another very important factor, often overlooked, is the quality of manufacturing. Again, it is difficult to judge quality by looking. It is bad news for consumers if a great-looking product is not backed up by quality engineering and production. The primary consideration is that Magicycle owns its factory and also has its own design and engineering team. This gives Magicycle complete control over the quality of its e-bikes, from concept to completion and shipping. This is not true of Aventon, Himiway, and RadRover.

With the Magicycle Fat Tire Cruiser, you get a stunningly beautiful e-bike that excels in power and provides more torque than any other. Of course, you also get that superb Magicycle battery with more voltage than Aventon, Himiway, or RadRover. And all this is backed by a reliable company that owns its factory and saves you money by shipping directly to you — no middleman! The icing on top is a 15-day free trial and 2-year warranty coverage.

The amazing truth is that Magicycle provides you with a better fat tire cruiser at a lower price. To choose from step-over or step-thru styles, just click here.