Magicycle Ocelot Pro versus Rambo Rooster

Is a 20″ fat tire e-bike on your radar? If so, that’s not surprising. E-bikes have been a hot item for several years, with each succeeding year bringing a new sales record. This includes e-bikes of all sizes, but many riders are finding that the big full-size 26″ fat tire e-bikes are not the best choice for everyone. For riders of less than average height, and riders with physical challenges such as worn-out knees, an easier-to-ride bike just makes good sense. 

For exactly that reason, the 20″ fat tire e-bike is becoming more and more popular. At the same time, the step-thru frame style for e-bikes is also becoming more and more popular. Step-over bikes make it necessary to swing a leg completely over the back of the bike in order to mount the seat. Certainly mounting a step-thru e-bike is easier and more convenient for almost everyone. Mounting the step-thru is a simple matter of lifting one leg just enough to literally step through the frame. For people of shorter than average height, a step-thru e-bike style is more than just convenient…it is almost essential for safety in mounting and dismounting.

For people with various physical challenges that make biking difficult, step-thru e-bikes are making it possible to return to biking. Even older senior adults are re-discovering the joy of bike riding. The pedal assist aspect of e-bikes is making life more enjoyable for thousands of who thought the would never ride a bike again. In addition to the motor, the availability of step-thru e-bikes is very important. It is just much easier to get on and off a step-thru e-bike.

Step-thru e-bikes are certainly no longer thought of as “girl’s bikes” — in fact, the majority of step-thru models are purchased by men. Men and women alike are enjoying the benefits of the step-thru style’s easy handling. Let’s take a closer look at two 20″ fat tire e-bike models with the step-thru styling.

Research these Four Questions before Purchasing

With so many choices available for e-bike fans, it becomes more and more important to shop carefully. It is worth your time to become well-educated in the pros and cons of any e-bike you seriously consider purchasing. While there is a wide range of pricing among the various e-bikes and brands, the “sweet spot” in fat tire e-bike pricing is from $1500 – $3000. This represents a significant investment for most riders, and so it pays to take time for careful comparisons. Here are the four key points of evaluation that are important to most e-bike shoppers:

A. Do you like the looks?

Just like when you first start dating someone, the first thing that attracts you is “looks.” It’s true, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Shoppers mat disagree on what looks best in e-bike designs, but everyone wants to be seen on a bike that looks great.

  • MAGiCYCLE Ocelot Pro

         With the release of the Ocelot, the Magicycle Design Team maintains its reputation of developing strong high-quality e-bikes that are also very appealing to the eyes. This gorgeous ride is available in your choice of 3 colors.

          This fat tire e-bike is reminiscent of a beach cruiser that can easily traverse soft sand beaches while admiring the scenery. The comfortable wide seat, full fenders, and all-terrain tires make the Ocelot Pro ideal for cruising city streets, countryside lanes, off-road trails or the ocean shores.

  • Rambo Rooster

          The Rooster has somewhat a more utilitarian appearance; a bit less streamlined. It does not have the sleek look of the Ocelot, in part because it lacks an integrated battery. Which of these two e-bikes has the better appearance? It’s your call…take a look:


Magicycle Ocelot Pro
Rambo Rooster

B. Does it have power for hills and heavy loads?

  • MAGiCYCLE Ocelot Pro

With power to spare, the Ocelot will get you where you want to go. Its 52 volt 20 amp battery (LG brand) powers a 750 watt hub motor. Very importantly, the Ocelot’s upgraded motor puts out 96 Newton Meters of torque. 

Torque is important because of its relationship to power. You can think of torque as the power available for turning the rear wheel on your e-bike. The torque can be provided by a motor or by the pedaling of a bike rider. The harder the rider pedals, the more torque is applied for turning the rear wheel. In the same manner, the more powerful the battery and the better the motor design, the more torque is available for turning the rear wheel and propelling the e-bike forward.

A motor with 96 Nm of torque gives your e-bike quicker starts and more powerful hill-climbing ability than a lesser motor with a lower torque output. Magicycle is absolutely the leader in available torque, giving you more power than any competitively priced e-bike! 

To summarize, higher torque provides quicker takeoff, easier starts on an uphill incline, and greater ease of climbing hills. This battery/motor combination results in a maximum range of about 80 miles. Range will vary from rider to rider, and is affected by rider weight, gear and accessories carried, terrain, tire pressure, and wind speed.

  • Rambo Rooster

          The Rooster also sports a 750 watt hub motor, but it is powered by a less powerful battery (LG or Samsung) that is less powerful  at only 48 volts and just 14 amp hours. This battery/motor combination gives riders an estimated maximum range of about 60 miles. However, this fat tire e-bike provides a claimed 120 Nm torque.

C. Is the price compatible with my budget?

The price should not be the primary factor in choosing a fat tire e-bike, but it is an important item to consider. Unfortunately, price does not always reflect features and quality, so exercise caution.

  • MAGiCYCLE Ocelot Pro

          The Ocelot is currently priced at $1889 after applying the $100 coupon provided by Magicycle. 

  • Rambo Rooster

          The Rooster is now priced at $1499. This price indicates the lack of features. For example, there is no easy-to-read color display and there are only 5 pedal assist levels as compared to 7 on the Ocelot Pro. On the Rambo Rooster, the 5 levels are preset and not customizable, but the Ocelot’s 7 levels are each fully customizable. The Rooster is also rated to carry 50 pounds less, with a payload of 300 pounds versus the Ocelot’s 350 pounds.

In recent months, most shoppers say that every dollar counts. When you can get a better bang-for-the buck, that makes the decision easy.

D. Does this e-bike brand own a factory?

Many fat tire e-bike shoppers forget to ask this question. It is a vital question because owning the factory is the primary factor in controlling the quality of the product. The most important consideration of all is quality…more important than any other factor. Quality control directly affects buyer safety and enjoyment. The vital importance of rider safety is obvious, and of course, nobody wants to be constantly having bike problems due to poor quality control.

  • MAGiCYCLE Ocelot Pro

          MAGiCYCLE has the advantage of complete quality control. Why it this true? It’s because MAGiCYCLE owns the factory that manufactures its e-bikes. This makes it one of very few elite e-bike brands that actually own a factory. Many e-bike brands are simply selling e-bikes purchased from a factory the supplies multiple brands. 

          You may not have thought of it, but it is impossible to maintain satisfactory quality control if the brand does not own the factory. The 107,000 sq.ft. Magicycle factory boasts the best manufacturing technology in the world. Magicycle’s factory has been in Wuxi, China, the Capital of Global Electric Bicycle Manufacturing for more than 16 years and has produced more than 1.2 million e-bikes, which are sold to North America, Europe, Japan, Australia, and other countries & regions.

From these countries, 800,000 users provided riding data that helped Magicycle develop its uniquely stable and comfortable e-bikes. This gives Magicycle customers the ultimate cost performance with state-of-the-art technology and materials, consistently exceeding client expectations. 

          Quality is very difficult to judge just by looking. Certainly it is bad news for consumers if a great-looking product is not backed up by quality engineering and production. The primary consideration is that Magicycle owns its factory and also has its own design and engineering team. This gives Magicycle complete control over the quality of its e-bikes, from concept and design to manufacturing and shipping.

Magicycle has exemplary quality control over the entire bike-building process, from design to manufacture to shipping. When a Magicycle Ocelot Pro arrives at the doorstep of a new owner, the box contains an e-bike that will last a very long time and is already 90% assembled. It is a streamlined fat tire e-bike designed to give reliable service, long life, and a safe riding experience. Quality matters — don’t settle for an e-bike from a brand that does not own the factory.

  • Rambo Rooster

         The Rambo brand also owns the factory the builds the Rooster. It is very difficult to find a photo of the factory.

It’s just good common sense to exercise greater caution when evaluating an e-bike brand that may not own a factory. 

Easy Shopping from Your Home

These are the vital questions to ask whenever you consider an e-bike purchase…appearance, budget, power, and quality. In short, the Magicycle Ocelot Pro does it best—long distances, smooth pedaling, and sure-footed travel on everything from grassy knolls to sandy beaches or forest pathways. Best of all, Ocelot Pro owners have the satisfaction of owning a fat tire e-bike built with exemplary quality control. This is an e-bike that is definitely worth a second look.