Your Choice of Two Great Magicycle Styles

Magicycle is blazing a new trail for ebike riders! This includes providing all the info you need to make the choice that is best for you. As a prospective Magicycle owner, you’re in luck–there are no bad choices!

But there is a choice to make…do you need to own a step-over e-bike or the step-through model? It could be a simple matter of styling preference, but there are also a few important factors to consider as you make your decision.

Step-Over Styling

The step-over triangular frame offers traditional styling and an ultra-strong frame. You’ll notice we redesigned the “triangle” just enough to make it more comfortable for all riders.  Backed by top quality engineering and the very best in manufacturing techniques, this ebike is far more than just easy on the pocketbook — it will last a lifetime.

Your height can also influence your decision. A quite tall rider may prefer the step-over frame, although certainly height does not eliminate choosing a step-through ebike. If you have no range-of-motion challenges, spend more time off-road than on, and you don’t make a lot of stops, this Midnight Blue beauty step-over is a great choice!

Step-Thru Styling

No longer considered a “girl’s bike,” step-thru bikes are rapidly gaining popularity as the epitome of comfort and convenience. 

Perhaps more importantly, step-thru styling allows anyone with restricted motion, painful knees, weak hips, etc. to once again enjoy biking. Not having to swing the leg up and over a top bar to mount the ebike is a great benefit!

Step-thru e-bikes are so easy to mount and dismount, and this is also very appealing to anyone who routinely makes a lot of stops along their journey. If you plan to use your e-bike for commuting, and you need to ride dressed for work, then a step-through ebike may be essential. 

Imagine arriving at your destination comfortable and relaxed, never breaking a sweat…and dressed to go right to work!

The Choice is Yours

Whatever your preference, you’ll be enjoying a beautiful top-quality Magicycle e-bike, with many hundreds of enjoyable miles ahead . . . happy riding!