Soaring Gas Prices brings Booming Ebike Sales

The magic number seems to be $2000 dollars. That’s the maximum amount many Americans say they are ready to invest to get an ebike and dodge those dreaded trips to the gas pump! Fortunately, Magicycle is keeping prices at that amount for a top-quality e-bike.

Here are the facts making people realize that getting an e-bike makes perfect economic sense, especially in the current gas crunch. We all know fuel prices are rising at a record pace, and those prices always fall much more slowly than they increase. Sadly, these gas prices will be with us a long time.

Save with Magicycle

This month the average price of gas in the US is well over $4 per gallon, and headed upward. It’s getting close to twice that amount in some places, like parts of California. Just to have a conservative figure, let’s use the $4 number to consider the e-bike advantage. If your car or truck gets 30 mpg, that $4 worth of fuel will take you 30 miles. Many e-bikes can take you at least 30 miles on a single battery charge, and a Magicycle ebike could take you twice that with moderate pedaling.

Accordingly, we can expect at least $4 gas to go 30 miles and alternatives are very appealing. That single battery charge for an e-bike takes you the same 30 miles (or more). What’s that, you ask? Oh, what about paying for electricity to charge the battery? I’m glad you asked!

To charge the average ebike battery, even with Magicycle’s Fast Charger, the cost is less than a dime. In most parts of the US, the cost of a single charge is even lower–about a nickel. That means a 30 mile commute will demand at least $4 in fuel to use your automobile, but less than ten pennies on an e-bike! And that quick trip to the grocery store for a gallon of milk? That will cost almost nothing.

Consequently, it is no wonder e-bike sales are up…up…up. The US e-bike market is expected to grow extremely rapidly this year, and reach about $60 billion dollars annually within the next 4 years. Yes, that’s right — $60 BILLION. In the meantime, if you are considering an ebike, you would be smart to get it now. And, the rapidly increasing demand means higher e-bike prices are on the way.

10 Important Magicycle Advantages

  • More powerful battery than any competitively priced e-bike.
  • Reliable, well-known name brand components.
  • Full color, customizable display.
  • Higher torque motor than any brand in the price range.
  • Comes fully equipped and 95% assembled.
  • Fast 3-5 hour battery recharge.
  • Strong, stylish and no-rust frame.
  • Superior customer service and a 2-year warranty.
  • Magicycle pays for itself in much lower cost of transportation.
  • Your perks are the fun of biking, plus improved health!

Remember that $4 we spent on a gallon of gas? If you filled your tank, that’s at least $80 for 20 gallons. On an ebike, that $80 takes us an astounding 24,000 miles! In other words, there’s just no comparison. If you want real economy, and the very best reliability and comfort on an e-bike…go Magicycle.

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