Why 52V Power from Magicycle is Important

E-bike riders may not quite understand the significance of voltage or its relationship to amp hours, but they certainly do understand the results achieved with Magicycle’s battery! The exceptional power, extended range and long life all contribute to the appeal of owning a Magicycle. Let’s take a quick look at how the Magicycle battery stands out from typical e-bikes.

E-bike manufacturers typically offer batteries with either 36 volts or 48 volts. Only a few brands provide the more powerful 52 volt battery, and now Magicycle is included among these elite brands…upgrading to 52 volts for 2022. What does this really mean for Magicycle owners? Let’s examine the benefits of the new 52 volt Magicycle battery:

Magicycle Battery

Greater Efficiency — The motor on an e-bike can run more efficiently with a 52 volt battery. If two identical motors perform identical tasks, one powered by a 48 volt battery and the other by a 52 volt battery, the motor using the 52 volt battery can perform the same work while drawing significantly less power (amps) from its battery. This is important because drawing less power allows the motor to run cooler, which extends the life of the motor.

Increased Power — When it is needed, a motor energized by a 52 volt battery can produce more power. When you encounter the occasional steep hill, you’ll be glad you have all that power at your disposal.

Faster Starts  —  Imagine you’re needing to cross a busy intersection in heavy traffic. There’s no time for a leisurely takeoff! The 52 volt battery helps your motor spin faster, giving you the speed you need for safety.

Smoother Finish —  When you take a long ride and push the limits of your battery, the 52 volt battery will have a much more even drop in power when you near the end of your ride. As a 48 volt battery approaches lower voltage points, power drops dramatically…not good!

Extended Range — Perhaps best of all, riders will love the increase in range that comes with the 52 volt battery. You could get as much as 36 miles of “throttle only” riding! Of course, your mileage will vary with weight, terrain, etc.

First-Class ManufacturerEvery Magicycle battery is made by the same company that supplies batteries for Tesla, so you know you are getting nothing but the best! With proper care, you can expect to recharge your battery 950 times or more, and that’s a lot of riding.

No other competitively priced e-bike brand matches the quality and reliability of Magicycle! And now, the upgrade to a 52 volt battery makes Magicycle the obvious choice for your new ride.

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